Rev Up 4 DSI 2016

AidanLynamOver the past few months, in the wake of the tragic passing of our friend and colleague Aidan Lynam, the outpouring of respect and remorse has been truly awe inspiring. Few knew the reach Aidan had, but no one realised the extent of his unique ability to tie together various sections of the small but varied groups that make up the Irish motorcycling scene. He used these connections, always to help others, many of us have our own stories of times we called on Aidan, and the answer was never ‘No.’ but instead, ‘Leave it with me Ted, we’ll get it sorted!’

One of Aidan’s greatest achievements, was RevUp4DSI, the event he co-founded in 2006 with Michael McCormick, then Chief Executive of DSI, a parent and fellow biker. As we all know, Aidan tragically lost his life on this year’s event, itself the 10th anniversary of ‘RevUp’.

Many questions were asked in the wake of Aidan’s death, but the big one nobody wanted to ask was, would ‘RevUp’ continue? It was quickly decided that, if it did not continue, it would be an incredible disservice to Aidan’s memory, he’d also never forgive us if we allowed the work he’d put in over the last 10 years to grind to a halt.

So I write you today, to confirm that RevUp4DSI 2016 is going ahead and we still need you, the motorcyclists of Ireland (and beyond!) to join us next May bank holiday weekend. The venue is currently being decided, the routes will soon be scouted, argued over and re-scouted (as it should be!) and we look forward to once again, sharing the journey with you all.

On this journey, we will not be alone, we carry Aidan in our hearts wherever we go and I know nothing would please him more than to see us all back together again next May, where we can once again break bread, share stories and raise a glass to absent friends. I look forward to welcoming you, bright and early, to Joe Duffy Motorrad on Saturday the 30th of April 2016.

We are currently re-designing the ‘RevUp’ webpage and registration system from the ground up, so please make sure to ‘Like’ the Rev Up 4 DSI page on Facebook, and to follow us on Twitter (@revup4dsi) to be the first to know when registration for the 2016 event is open.


The RevUp4DSI Team